Last Night…

Last night…
she came to my dream
she came to whisper her dream
and make my dream her dream
and her dreams mine

Last night…
i was perplexed
thoughtful with doubts
the whole world was changing
changing my perspective
but i was constant

She told me…
i have a beautiful song for you
filled with love and a little sorrow
love when we sing together
sorrow as if there was no tomorrow

She told me…
I am here to stay
Stay by your side in every step of life
I was happy and smiling with my broken heart
I was happy to see her smile
a little less now

Last night…
I cried a lot
as if there was no tomorrow
there was sorrow and little love
love that was no more 
More was me less was her

Last night…
I was singing
a beautiful song 
that came to my dream
she was smiling in my dream
and i was happy all alone
All alone.

Yes she told me…
Last night
In my dream that never happened to be.
It was a dream.



About sarkartimes247

a novice blogger who scribbles everything he finds
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